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 stainless steel wire-cloth, plain steel (29)
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The Bigware Shop 2 is possibly the most comprehensive Open Source (GPL) online shop available on the market. This shop is continuously being improved for years now! It was developed by Dirk Pagador based on a version of osCommerce (c) from 2001. The Bigware online shop was released after a long and successful phase of further development with intense and well thought-out modifications and still, or maybe because of that, easy to use and install, can be used instantaneously and free. It contains a multitude of contributions enabling you to immediately focus on your online business without a lot of time consuming modifications. Also convincing is the strong and sound community available to provide adequate help at any time. It also includes regular and free updates. This year alone, this shop was downloaded from our pages more than 10,000 times and more than 6,000 times from our partner sites. You may download the web shop here without registration. The Bigware Shop solution is a web shop with functions necessary with online shops. The Shop is not afraid of comparisons with other big Shop software products offered by providers with expensive Shop systems. It has an enormous amount of functions, which are still easy to use. You can download the software now. It is an online shop system optimized for search engines and readily customized. A powerful web shop with 7 preinstalled layouts to choose from. This shop solution features a high performance item, customer and order administration. A Pro-Internet shop including configuration - customers can create an item of their own. The store offers 8 languages for the end customer section and 3 languages for administration. This software offers significant statistics, B2B and voucher functions, a gallery program, and much more... Download the program now. It is absolutely free of charge and only requires PHP and MySql. If you ever require assistance, simply enter the forums and post your questions. Bigware Shop 2.2 is GPL (Open Source). This program is a free software. You may pass it on under the conditions of the GNU General Public License, as published by the Free Software Foundation, and/or modify it per license version 2 or (per your choice) each newer version.
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01.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,2 mm Aperture / 0,12 mm wire diameter
02.stainless steel wire-cloth, 1 mm Aperture / 0,5 mm wire diameter
03.stainless steel wire-cloth, 2 mm Aperture / 0,5 mm wire diameter
04.stainless steel wire-cloth, 5 mm Aperture / 1 mm wire diameter
05.stainless steel wire-cloth, 3,1 mm Aperture / 0,8 mm wire diameter
06.stainless steel wire-cloth, 4 mm Aperture / 1 mm wire diameter
07.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,6 mm Aperture / 0,4 mm wire diameter
08.stainless steel wire-cloth, 2 mm Aperture / 1 mm wire diameter
09.stainless steel wire-cloth, 1,5 mm Aperture / 0,5 mm wire diameter
10.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,4 mm Aperture / 0,25 mm wire diameter
11.stainless steel wire-cloth, 1,4 mm Aperture / 0,25 mm wire diameter
12.stainless steel wire-cloth, 2,5 mm Aperture / 0,7 mm wire diameter
13.stainless steel wire-cloth, 3 mm Aperture / 1 mm wire diameter
14.stainless steel wire-cloth, 6,3 mm Aperture / 1 mm wire diameter
15.stainless steel wire-cloth 1 mm Aperture / 0,3 mm wire diameter
16.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,1 mm Aperture / 0,065 mm wire diameter
17.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,5 mm Aperture / 0,32 mm wire diameter
18.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,3 mm Aperture / 0,2 mm wire diameter
19.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,5 mm Aperture / 0,2 mm wire diameter
20.stainless steel wire-cloth, 0,72 mm Aperture / 0,3 mm wire diameter
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